Debbie's story

Debbie, 62
From: Ponteland
Diagnosis: Insomnia
This treatment is working brilliantly for me. What has worked well for me? The excellent online support, feedback and encouragement. The general information, videos and guidance as to improving sleep quality and duration. Knowing that I will be prompted about caffeine, exercise, daylight and whether I complied has kept me on track. The gradual introduction of techniques as the course has gone on has been very helpful, avoiding overload and enabling me to try different techniques gradually rather than all at once. My confidence in being able to sleep well is growing. I know there will be times when it will go pear-shaped for a while, but I know that I now have a toolkit to help me get back to good sleeping habits. I think I also have a much better understanding of the range and individuality of what constitutes sleeping well.

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