Following the success of the Goodnight Britain programme on BBC 1, Dr Anderson was invited to appear on BBC Breakfast alongside Gwen Young, on of the patients who she was able to successfully treat with the same therapy which is used in sleepstation's online insomnia therapy programme which Dr Anderson delivers.

Dr Anderson explains that when she assessed Gwen, she found that she had really typical acquired insomnia, which meant that she could apply the same standardised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBTi) which is used in sleepstation.

Gwen who had a problem with her sleep for 30 years talked on the BBC Breakfast programme of the treatment which she received from the sleep doctors on the "Goodnight Britain" show.

"I struggled everyday, it was awful..this programme was my absolute saving grace. It's just wonderful what they did for me and I honestly at the start thought that I was the hopeless case."

You can watch Dr Anderson's appearance on the programme by following the links below.
Dr Anderson on BBC Breakfast
Youtube clip of the BBC Breakfast programme