31st May 2013

We're really pleased to announce that we currently have an over 90% success rate, with users who follow the therapy as directed reporting improvement in their sleep.

Here's what Louise Ball had to say about sleepstation -

"Sleepstation has changed my life ! I suffered with insomnia for more than 20 years; could only sleep deeply for 1-3hrs max and then would snatch the odd 10-30mins through the night as I tossed and turned. I woke everyday so tired and depressed and spent my day a tearful forgetful zombie ! Over the years I tried every medication available (inculding Tamazepam) , nothing helped.
But after Christmas I started to follow a sleep restriction programme through sleepstation that included cognitive behaviour therapy, and by Easter I was able to sleep like a normal person ! I know get a good 5-6 hour block of deep sleep and my light sleep time is drowsy and unstressed . at last I have control over my sleep and I look forward to bedtime rather than dreading it. I recommend sleepstation wholeheartedly – their expert diagnosis , simple solutions and online support really works."

You can read Louise's feedback and feedback from other users on the NHS Health Apps Library website.