10th December 2013

Following the success of our insomnia programme for patients with chronic pain; we have joined forces with key opinion leaders and experts in the field of chronic pain. We have been working with a team who specialise in CBT for chronic pain to extend our therapy platform to deliver an additional course for chronic pain. The course will be available from April 2014. Those interested in being among the first to trial the course should email contact@sleepstation.org.uk.

How are pain and sleep linked?

There can be a vicious cycle between sleep disturbance and pain. In some there may be an element of chicken and egg - is the pain causing the sleep problems or is the poor quality of your sleep making your pain feel worse? Pain can, for example, be the main reason that you wake in the night, and these interruptions during the night can lead you to get less sleep, and most important of all, less good quality restorative sleep. This sleep deprivation can lower your pain threshold and your tolerance for pain and thus can make your pain feel worse.