18th November 2012

Sleepstation's Dr Anderson and Dr Jason Ellis will be featured sleep doctors on the BBC's upcoming show "Goodnight Britain". The two-part series presented by Sian Williams, ventures into the bedrooms of five of Britain’s most tormented sleepers, discovering a range of conditions including extreme snoring, insomnia and night terrors.

Through the use of high-tech night vision cameras, the sleep experts observe the secrets of the patient’s sleep problems first hand. But the investigations don’t stop there: the five contributors are also subjected to a night at the Goodnight Britain Sleep House, where every toss, turn and snuffle is monitored using state of the art equipment whilst they sleep. Only then do the causes of their night-time traumas fully come to light and our experts can begin to devise a treatment plan that just might work.

The sleep doctors provide expert advice and practical solutions to real-life participants, helping them to address their sleeping problems and, hopefully, dramatically improve their lives.