NHS & Private treatment options

Sleepstation is available on the NHS across England.
If you live in England you can let us know whether you'd like to access Sleepstation privately or as an NHS patient during your initial online assessment.

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NHS - GP referral

If you'd prefer to access Sleepstation as an NHS patient, you won't need to pay for your treatment but you will most likely need to visit your GP to ask them to refer you to Sleepstation.
The NHS referral process can take up to two weeks, so we'd advise that you contact your GP straightaway to avoid unnecessary delays.

Self-funded (private)

If you choose this option you'll be able to start the treatment straightaway.

You'll start with a detailed assessment and pay just £99 for the full 7 week course of treatment.

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NHS - self-referral

In some areas of England you can self-refer, so you may not need to ask your GP to refer you. You can find out if you're eligible to self-refer by entering your details here.


  1. What is sleepstation?

    Sleepstation is a 6-8 week online therapy course for insomnia which is clinically proven to be as effective as face to face treatment. The online therapy course is tailored to each individual user and helps users to fall asleep faster and stay asleep during the night. The course begins with a free assessment which you can take now to see if the treatment might be right for you.

    The course was co-designed by Dr Kirstie Anderson. Dr Anderson saw a need for an online programme as she was receiving a high level of referrals for her NHS sleep clinic. As one of the few consultant neurologists to specialise in sleep, she works within one of the country's largest sleep clinics where people with every type of sleep disturbance are seen and successfully treated including those with severe insomnia. She has published papers on a range of sleep disorders and delivers lectures on every aspect of sleep.

  2. What's the success rate of sleepstation?

    When people follow the course as directed, over 80% get significantly better as a result. Our threshold for “significant improvement” is a positive change in sleep efficiency of more than 20%. This is usually accompanied by an increase in total sleep time, and a reduction in anxiety around sleep.

    Over 90% of people who have try sleepstation get better in some way. They may have an increase in their sleep efficiency scores of 10%-15% for example . This isn't considered a clinically significant change but it can make a real difference to how those people feel about their sleep, particularly for those who didn't have far to go when they started - those with only mild insomnia.

    This type of treatment is very successful when the course is followed as directed and those users who follow the instructions closely can achieve amazing results, as you can see from the feedback on our website and in the NHS Health Apps Library.

  3. What evidence is there that this treatment works?

    Sleepstation is an online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for insomnia. This type of CBT is commonly referred to as CBTi. CBTi is a psychological treatment. There is very strong evidence for using psychological treatments in insomnia. This type of treatment has been proven to be effective both in the short-term and in the long-term. This type of treatment is effective for both men and women of all ages. It can effectively treat insomnia that has been present for a short time, or lasted for many years. It’ s also been proven to be effective in treating poor sleep and insomnia associated with medical or psychological conditions. So, it’ s very powerful and that’ s why we’ ve chosen to use it as the foundation for Sleepstation.

    So, we know that CBT is very effective. But, it requires a great deal of commitment –it’ s not easy. The approach directly addresses your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours around sleep. There is a tendency for people with poor sleep to over-focus on their sleep. They often tell us that they can’ t switch off, or have worried thoughts running through their mind – what we call “racing thoughts”. How we think and feel affects our sleep, and through this programme we will explore some tips and techniques which have been clinically proven to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. We’ ll help you to understand any bad habits that might be affecting your sleep, and to change those, or replace them with more positive habits and routines.

    Sleepstation is the online version of the CBT which Dr Kirstie Anderson delivers in her specialist sleep clinic. She has seen and successfully treated thousands of patients with sleep problems and actively researches new techniques to treat sleep problems.All of the components of this online course have been tested to ensure that they are effective. In the most recent study that over 81% of patients studied saw significant improvement in their sleep as a direct result of this programme. If you are committed to overcoming your insomnia, and follow the plan that we create for you, we are confident that you can improve your sleep. In addition to our own reviews and research into the effectiveness of this treatment, there are many scientific reviews which outline how effective CBTi is. This method of treatment is endorsed by the NHS and recommended by NICE in the UK and NIH in the US