NHS treatment options for Sleepstation

Sleepstation is an approved NHS service that has been available on the NHS since 2012. If you live in England you might be able to access Sleepstation free of charge via the NHS.

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How can I access Sleepstation via the NHS?

Sleepstation is available for NHS patients to access through GP referral or self-referral.

How do I get a GP referral to Sleepstation?

If you live in England and are suffering from sleep problems, you can visit your GP and ask them to refer you to Sleepstation.
If you'd prefer us to contact your GP on your behalf please complete the form below to request a referral.

Request a referral

When we hear back from your GP we will contact you. You can let us know if you prefer a phone call, text or email below.

Where can I find my NHS number?

Your NHS number should be 10 numbers long. You can find your NHS number on a letter from your GP or Hospital. If you don't have it to hand you can provide it later.

Format of NHS number
This is an example number
I've seen my GP already about my sleep problem
I've been prescribed medication to help me sleep

What is self-referral?

Patients can access some NHS services without the need for a GP referral, this is known as self-referral.
If you've been told that you can self-refer please call us on 0333 800 9404 or email c.robinson@nhs.net to get started.

I have already been referred by my GP, what happens now?

GP referrals can take up to two weeks. We will get in touch as soon as we receive your NHS referral.
If you've been waiting longer that two weeks already please contact us using the form below.

Can I self-refer to Sleepstation?

Sleepstation is not available on a self-referral basis across the whole of the UK. Only people living in certain areas of England can self-refer to Sleepstation at present.
If you've seen information about our service and know you are in a self-referral area please call us on 0333 800 9404 or email c.robinson@nhs.net to get started.
You will need your NHS number and the name of your GP practice to complete the referral process. You can find your NHS number on a letter from your GP. If you don't have it to hand now you can provide it later.

Important information about NHS referrals

If you choose to self-refer to Sleepstation you will need to confirm that you are entitled to receive NHS treatment. You will be asked to provide your NHS number and your GP details. If you do not have your NHS number to hand this can be requested from your GP.
The regulations that govern who can and can’t receive treatment are complex and may change. If you are unsure if you're entitled to receive NHS treatment please check before starting the referral process.
A person who is regarded as ordinarily resident in the UK is eligible for free NHS treatment. Anyone coming to live in this country would qualify as ordinarily resident. Overseas visitors to the UK are not regarded as ordinarily resident if they do not meet this description.

If you'd like to discuss the NHS referral process, or have a question, please complete the form below.