How it works

Sleepstation is a clinically approved method for treating insomnia without sleeping pills and is supported by over 30 years of research.
  1. Assessment & Diagnosis

    Different sleep disorders require different treatments, so it's important that we understand your sleep problem in detail before we start your treatment.
    We'll start by carefully reviewing your sleep over 7 days. You will complete simple online sleep diaries each morning for 7 days. Our sleep team will be on hand to support you and will contact you to clarify things, if required.
    We'll assess your case in detail and provide you with a diagnosis. You'll receive a report containing your full assessment results alongside details of your diagnosis and your treatment options. If your diagnosis is insomnia, you'll be able to start the treatment straightaway.
    If our assessment determines that your sleep problem is not suitable for treatment through Sleepstation then we will provide advice and guidance that can help you find the right treatment. We'll also provide you with a report for your doctor, if required.

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  2. Treatment

    Through Sleepstation, you'll have access to one of the most evidence based treatments available for insomnia - CBTi.
    Our treatment is delivered in 3 parts.

    • Weeks 1-2: Improving sleep quality
    • Weeks 3- 4: Optimising sleep quantity
    • Weeks 5-6: Maintaining good sleep

    We'll use the information from your assessment and sleep review to design a personalised treatment plan for you that we'll deliver over 6 weeks.
    You'll continue to complete sleep diaries each day, and each week you'll have an online therapy session. We'll guide you through a series of tools and techniques that can help you to improve your sleep over time and our sleep team will be on hand to support you throughout the treatment.
    They will ensure that you're progressing and will answer any questions you may have. Together we can help you overcome your sleep problem.