How Sleepstation works

Start with a detailed assessment

Finding out why you can’t sleep is the first step to getting better. You'll complete a sleep assessment and fill in sleep diaries for seven days.
We'll analysis the information you provide and report back to you on our findings. You'll find out if you could be suffering from insomnia disorder.

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Get support from our sleep team

Our expert sleep team take the time to listen and learn about your sleep problems.
When things get tough, or you just need to talk, our sleep team will be there to listen and offer helpful advice.

Meet our team

Get advice from our sleep doctor

Dr. Kirstie Anderson, one of the UK’s foremost sleep specialists, will advise and guide you through the insomnia therapy in your weekly video sessions.
Dr. Anderson helped co-create Sleepstation, and runs one of the largest sleep clinics in the UK.

The key thing about Sleepstation is that it’s personalised for each user. If you put a particular pattern into your diary it will change the programme to make it fit your sleep pattern.

Dr. Kirstie Anderson Co-creator of Sleepstation

Take back control of your sleep

We'll help you understand what might be keeping you awake. We'll review your progress each week and provide personalised advice and guidance to help you overcome your sleep problem.
Sleepstation is built around the most effective treatment for insomnia available. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBTi) is supported by over 30 years of science and is proven to help people overcome insomnia and sleep better.

Sleep better within weeks

Most people are sleeping better within three to four weeks of starting Sleepstation. When we sleep well, we feel well.
Good sleep improves our memory and protects us from cancer and dementia (including Alzheimer’s). Getting enough sleep keeps us slim and lowers food cravings. It also makes us less susceptible to infection and reduces our risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes.
Sleep also has a positive effect on our mood. When we sleep well we're less emotionally charged. We feel happier, less depressed and less anxious. The list goes on.
Sleep really is powerful. We'd like to help you benefit from it.

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