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Sleepstation is a highly personalised and interactive therapy course approved by the NHS.

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How do I start?

Four simple steps to a good night's sleep
  1. Assessment

    We use sleep questionnaires and other techniques to find out if you could benefit from our personalised treatment.

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  2. Diagnosis

    It is important to determine the nature of your problem as different sleep disorders require different therapies.

  3. Sleep Diaries

    We ask you to record daily sleep diaries to help us understand your problem and design an individual therapy plan for you.

  4. Sleep Therapies

    We use the same techniques that our doctors use in clinic. Our online therapy has been clinically proven to be as effective as face to face treatment.


Sleepstation is clinically proven to work

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Our treatment has been approved by the NHS and is now available via GP referral. It is also possible, in some areas, to self-refer for NHS treatment.

If you're having trouble sleeping and would like access to sleepstation on the NHS, you can ask your GP for a referral to Sleepstation. Or, call our team on 0333 800 9404 to discuss the referral process in your area.