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Jane from Sevenoaks

Jane, 73

From: Sevenoaks

Diagnosis: Insomnia

This program is a godsend for those with insomnia. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have been fixed through Sleepstation!
Eleanor from Kent

Eleanor, 61

From: Kent

Diagnosis: Insomnia & Depression

I had given up hope of sorting out my insomnia after so many decades of failed therapies and also having seen a psychologist. I am absolutely amazed that the therapy actually worked. It really felt as if I was being personally guided by a top sleep neurologist.
Mary from Bournemouth

Mary, 85

From: Bournemouth

Diagnosis: Insomnia & Depression

I am feeling healthier than I have in many months and so alert during the day. Really thrilled with this therapy so far.
Sarah from Newcastle

Sarah, 39

From: Newcastle

Diagnosis: Insomnia

I had struggled with lack of sleep for three years and my quality of life was really struggling. I am now getting a restful night's sleep.
John A from West Kent

John A, 68

From: West Kent

Diagnosis: Insomnia & Depression

I was on sleeping pills and they had stopped working, I tried a hypnotist which never worked but Sleepstation worked for me. After about 3 weeks my friends were saying how much better I looked.
Louise from Surrey

Louise, 54

From: Surrey

Diagnosis: Insomnia

In the 3 months from Christmas to Easter I have managed to overcome a 20 yr old problem.
Lynda from County Durham

Lynda, 63

From: County Durham


I can now get to sleep straightaway, I'm not lying awake stressing because I can't get to sleep and I'm sleeping better than I have done for years. I would recommend this therapy to anyone with insomnia.
Stephanie C from Kings Lynn

Stephanie C, 60

From: Kings Lynn

Diagnosis: Insomnia

I dreaded going to bed unless I had taken a sleeping pill. Now I sleep well most nights, and no more sleeping pills. My whole life has improved.
Nancy from East Sussex

Nancy, 70

From: East Sussex

Diagnosis: Insomnia

I have tried hypnosis, sleeping pills, tranquillisers, anti-depressants, aroma-therapy and acupuncture and NONE of them have worked. Nothing has worked like Sleepstation.
Chris from Bradford

Chris, 36

From: Bradford

Diagnosis: Insomnia & Depression

I’m feeling better and my wife says I’m much less grumpy so maybe my sleep and my marriage have been fixed through Sleepstation!
Ash from Middlesbrough

Ash, 28

From: Middlesbrough

Diagnosis: Insomnia & Anxiety

The support team have been great and having them there reassures me and encourages me to stick with it after I have bad night.
Debbie from Ponteland

Debbie, 62

From: Ponteland

Diagnosis: Insomnia

This treatment is working brilliantly for me. My confidence in being able to sleep well is growing. I know there will be times when it will go pear-shaped for a while, but I know that I now have a toolkit to help me get back to good sleeping habits.
Rose from Suffolk

Rose, 48

From: Suffolk

Diagnosis: Insomnia

It's difficult for people to understand about bad sleep and the problems it causes if they have never had a sleep problem. I can see that things are now improving.

Solve your sleep problems with Sleepstation

The six-week insomnia cure

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Sleepstation is clinically proven to cure insomnia

Sleepstation is the drug-free solution to overcoming insomnia. We use CBTi, proven to be the best treatment for insomnia, to help you get better sleep in weeks.

Tell us about your sleep

Sleep problems can be complicated, which is why we make sure we take the time to learn about your sleep problem.

Receive your sleep report

Based on expert analysis, we provide you with a personal sleep report. The report will provide insight into your sleep problem or sleep disorder.

How it works

Talk to us

Not sleeping can be tough. Talk to your personal sleep coach whenever you need to. You will be supported by real people who care.

Complete therapy sessions

Complete video therapy sessions with Dr. Kirstie Anderson, one of the UK's foremost sleep specialists.

Get better sleep

You will learn how to improve your sleep habits, get better quality sleep, and discover how to maintain good sleep.

Improve your wellbeing

Many people start feeling better within weeks. You'll have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

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“This course focuses on finding out exactly what is behind your problematic sleep patterns.”

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Insomnia cures for the restless gent

“Proven to be as effective as face-to-face treatment.”

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Top ten ways to nod off to sleep

“Clinically proven to cure insomnia in 81% of people who complete the course.”

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Can this app replace sleeping pills?

“Key to its success is the level of interactivity it offers. It is personalized for each user and changes its advice based on their sleep pattern.”

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“It adapts a programme of CBT to fit your sleeping pattern, helping you to get to the root cause of your issue.”

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