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Sleepstation is a highly personalised and interactive therapy course approved by the NHS.

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Over 85% of patients sleep better after treatment
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    Assessment & Diagnosis - Free

    It is important to determine the nature of your problem as different sleep disorders require different treatments. Your results will tell us if you could be suffering from insomnia disorder or if there may be another cause.

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    Treatment - £99 or free as an NHS patient

    If your diagnosis is insomnia, we'll work with you to develop a treatment plan to address your needs and improve your sleep. Our dedicated support team will be there to support you through the treatment and answer any questions you have. You should see real improvements in your sleep within weeks and be able to feel the benefits of good sleep by the end of the course.



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Our treatment has been approved by the NHS and is now available via GP referral. It is also possible, in some areas, to self-refer for NHS treatment.

If you're having trouble sleeping and would like access to sleepstation on the NHS, you can ask your GP for a referral to Sleepstation. Or, call our team on 0333 800 9404 to discuss the referral process in your area.